Oil CleansingThe beauty of oil cleansing rests in simple chemistry and accomplishing many things at once. Think of cleansing, removing make up and dirt, preserving moisture balance, repairing and infusing the skin cells with powerful essential oils – all in one step.  That is exactly what how our Cleanse Me oil-based cleanser behaves.

From Ayurvedic practices originating in Eastern India, comes the idea of “like attracts like”.  A practice known in India as Abhyanga, this form of massage takes advantage of this concept. The lipid (oily) structure of the skin absorbs oils that have been massaged into it because they (the skin and the oil) are both lipid chemical structures and attract each other. The lipids, more commonly known as fats oils, freely pass into and through the stratum corneum, the top most layer of the skin. The stratum corneum is a highly lipophilic membrane that protects our skin and what is within it, from foreign contaminates.

It important to maintain this outer barrier so that it can do its job protecting our bodies from the outside world. Keeping it moisturized is key. Unlike foaming, water-based cleanser that strip the natural oils from the skin and cause it to over-produce in order to compensate, oil cleansing does the opposite. The oils infuse this barrier with exactly what it needs to be healthy – fatty acids found in plant based oils. It also delivers powerful extracts and essential oils into not only the skin cells, but into the bloodstream as well.

At the same time it is moisturizing and infusing, it’s also cleaning and detoxifying. The same concept of like attracts like removes make up and dirt from the skin. Again, it is cleansing without stripping, drawing impurities out instead of locking up crud in the pores. (Note: This purifying effect will bring impurities to the surface and often this is why there is a misconception that oils cause breakouts and blemishes. These impurities must come out if clear and healthy skin to be achieved.)

This process of oil massage and cleansing is commenced by applying oils to dry skin and massaging them in with circular motions. In full body massage the addition of long sweeps toward the heart encourages the lymphatic system. The massage is followed with heat and warm water. In Abhyanga, the massage is full body and performed daily to oneself before a warm shower. The heat and water drive the oils further in and the impurities further out. Excess oil, dirt and toxins are washed away. No additional soap is necessary nor is it encouraged.

When the practice of oil massage and cleansing is applied to the face, the same steps are followed:

  • Run sink faucet on very warm and have a clean dry wash cloth ready
  • While the water is warming up, massage oils into the face for 1-2 minutes in a circular motion to loosen up oil, make-up and dirt
  • Soak cloth with water as warm as you can tolerate, ring it out and hold it on the whole face
  • Apply pressure with the hands to help heat and oils penetrate
  • Wipe away excess oil, rinse and repeat
  • Do this several times until face is clean and oil is absorbed
  • Pat dry and follow with your favorite skin care regimen.

With regular use, either on the face or the body as a whole, one will find improved skin texture, appearance and structure. With the strengthening of this outermost barrier, better health will follow. With formulas like Cleanse Me one will find improved elasticity, tone, enhanced resistance to the elements, less impurities, and a more youthful glow. The addition of essential oils can bring about many benefits like scar and wrinkle reduction, fading spots, and more. Full body or local massage with a therapeutic body oil can enhance energy, immunity, and detoxification and has profound healing effects on the body and mind. With all these is astounding benefits, it is not a wonder the people of India have been enjoying the use of oils for centuries.


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