allergiesEssential Oils for Allergies, Sinuses and Respiratory Complaints

There is no question that inhalation of  the right essential oils can produce an almost instant clearing of congested nasal passages.  Many of us are familiar with Vicks Vaporub which lists camphor, menthol (chemicals found in essential oils) and eucalyptus essential oils as active ingredients.  Vicks produces an almost instant aroma that helps you breath better.  There are many essential oils that do just this – the chemical composition of their aromas are expectorant and decongestant which opens our lungs and drains the congestion in our respiratory system.  Further, there are essential oils that have an anti inflammatory, antihistamine effect that produces a natural solution to the ails of allergies and sinus problems.

Essential Oils to Decongest and Help you Breath

Inhalation is a great way to administer essential oils for the benefit of the respiratory system.  It makes sense.  Breath in the vapors, experience the effects up entry into the nose all the way down to the bronchial tubes in the lungs.  Oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, pine, frankincense and myrrh all help to open up the lungs, encourage a productive cough and ultimately drain the sinuses while at the same time stimulate the immune system.  Blends utilize the power of synergy such as those in our Breath Better Blend, Fatigue Blend and Defense Blend.

An Anecdote for Allergy Sufferers

Even more promising is the effect  essential oil therapy can have on those who suffer from chronic sinus and allergy issues.  Blue Tansy is known for it’s anti histamine and anti inflammatory effects.  It is a key player in our Breath Better Blend which goes great in a diffuser or used topically both neat or in dilution. Customers report an instant clearing of the nasal passages and a reduction in nasal inflammation, allowing for better and deeper breathing.

The combination of equal parts lavender, lemon and peppermint administered by rubbing a drop of each to the roof of the mouth, or orally in a capsule (1 drop each or 3 drops of a pre made blend, 3x per day) has time and time again demonstrated it can keep allergy symptoms at bay during even the toughest of seasons.  Essential oil lovers across the globe continue to report positive results.  Of course it is extremely important to use high quality, therapeutic grade organic and responsibly produced essential oils like those offered here at Hygieia.  Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon are staples in our starter kit, and are available individually or in a premixed blend we like to call Allergy Blend.

This is merely a snap shot of how essential oils and aromatherapy can help with allergies, sinuses and coughs.  Most essential oils have the power to stimulate the immune system at varying degrees and simply by incorporating them into your daily life, you’re paving the way to better and sustained health.

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