As an aromatherapist, my role is as much science as it is an art and relying on my own intuition.  Yes, there are oils that do this or that.  They have predictable actions based on their chemical make-up.  On the other hand, although Lavender may help one person sleep, Cedarwood will work better for another.  Why is that?  Understanding the source of symptoms is key to making this distinction.

Symptoms are correlated to imbalances on the body.  There is a lot that goes into understanding the source of an imbalance and putting it back into place including a person’s personal constitution and genetics, emotional health and current habits.   Imagine my delight to discover I could locate patterns in these variables with more precision and in less time.  I am excited to be able to offer a new service to my clients:  Aromatic Bio – Feedback Analysis.

Aromatic Bio-Feedback Analysis uses my experience and understanding of aromatherapy and other healing modalities, along with a hand scanning tool and computer software, to help determine how an individual responds to essential oils.    The biofeedback process evaluates an individual’s Electro-Dermal Activity (EDA) in response to the frequencies found in various essential oils.  EDA measures the bioelectrical change between two points, the person and the essential oil, to determine what the body needs to be brought back into balance.  This technology is a discovery that dates back to at least 1849 and is utilized all over the world today by many professions including doctors, chiropractors and psychologists.

Aromatic Bio-Feedback Analysis guides me in the selection of essential oils best suited for you.  I analyze the results from various healing perspectives to help determine your personal and biological preferences and general themes about what will help bring you into balance.  Learn about which Chakras and Body Systems need your attention the most with an easy to follow personalized report.  Bring your body back to balance with a customized aromatherapy blend and or choose to purchase individual essential oils based on your report.  You also receive personalized instructions on how to use your products.

As part of my excitement, I am extending you an offer.  Mention this blog and receive $20 off Aromatic Bio-Feedback Analysis (full price is $60).  Your custom blend is an additional cost.  You  will also have the option of selecting from pure essential oils and other menu options recommended based on your report.

To set up an appointment or learn more, contact me:

Jessica Wiehle
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